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Lili Chen 陈丽利, Master in Biblical Counseling
Areas of specialty:  self-identity loss or confusion, parenting issues, depression, anxiety, abortion
, abusive relationship, trauma

pro bono or low cost

My name is Lili Chen, and I graduated with an M.A. in Biblical Counseling from SBTS. I’ve served Chinese Churches in the U.S. with my husband for five years, and I have two precious teenage children. We have seen that Christians encounter many challenges and adversities in this sin-corrupted world. People can be stuck in any life stage, so personal spiritual growth is essential. I want to walk with you to break through. God’s power and His Words, the Bible, are rich sources for every challenge and difficulty. After many years of psychological practice, I discovered that the Word of God is mighty to transform life more profoundly and goes into the core of the problem. It’s not a method or a tool; it’s a source to fulfill people’s hearts. God’s love compels me, and He calls me to do individual and group healing and recovery ministries through "Matt 9:36, Isa 61:1”; to encourage and help those who are experiencing problems such as self-identity loss or confusion, parenting issues, depression, abortion, unforgiveness, anxiety, abusive relationship, and trauma…. Someone cares about you! God wants to rebuild, restore, and reconcile broken relationships. I will be one of your exceptional support systems in this journey, walk alongside you, dig out your potential strength and gifts from God, deepen your understanding of God, and become stronger. Know God and make him known.

Specifically, I like to deal with children and their parents' typical problems and know God's purpose for parents and children. I was a teacher for seven years and then a parenting counselor in China. I volunteered in many children-related ministries, such as the Red Cross, World Vision, Bless China International, and Big-tree International Life Ministry, which involves children in need of trauma care, Autism, ADHD, homelessness, late development, handicapped, pregnancy crisis, addiction, etc. So, I have experience in supporting and walking alongside these special needs families and strengthening family relationships. A healthy heart brings light into another person's life. I would love to walk with you to improve your and your family's relationships and bring blessings into your children's lives.

        我叫陈丽利,我毕业于美南浸信会神学院圣经辅导专业。我与先生在美国服事华人教会5年多。我有两个神所赐的美好产业-我的两个孩子,他们都正值青春期。在这被罪所败坏的世界,我们看得到基督徒遇到很多的挑战和敌对。在任何生命阶段都有可能被阻滞,所以个人的属灵成长至关重要。我想与您同行去突破它。在所有的挑战和困难面前,神的大能和祂的话语,即圣经是丰富无比而又有力的资源。在我从事多年心理学的辅导后,我发现神的话语极有能力,尤其能转变人心和 深入问题的核心。祂不止是一个方法或是工具,而是满足人心的源头。神的爱激励我, 并且祂透过马太福音9:36 和以赛亚书61:1呼召我做团体和个人的医治恢复事工;去鼓励和帮助自我认知混淆和失去、养育问题、抑郁、堕胎创伤、不饶恕、焦虑、虐待性的关系和创伤中的人们。有人在乎您! 神要重建,恢复和使破碎关系合好。我愿意成为您这特别路程中的一个支持体系, 与您并行,挖掘神给您的潜能合恩赐,更深认识主,并得健壮。认识神,并使人认识祂。


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