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Joanna Tong 佟月, LPC-A

Areas of specialty: loss and grief, eating disorder, depression, relationship issues, sexual trauma

pro bono or low cost

Hi my name is Joanna Tong, a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate who provides counseling services in both English and Mandarin, specifying in areas like loss and grief, eating disorder, depression, relationship issues, and sexual trauma. Born and raised in Northeastern China, being able to work with college students for 7 years, and working in Children’s Advocacy Center in North Texas while provide counseling services to children who suffer from sexual abuse, have given me cross-cultural experiences and a heart for young generation. I understand that growing up in an Asian family nowadays means lack of expression of feelings or affections, it also means never talk about SEX with anyone in your family, it can be shameful to share sexual struggle with anyone. My approach to life hardships is to first build safe and trust relationship where people feel listened and understood, and then to explore what is going on in our body, mind, and soul that is causing confusion and hurt, hope could be found by gaining strength from a new belief and from a correction of thought. Small steps matter, your motivation matters.


Another specialty I have experienced in is helping full-time pastors, missionaries, and ministers in various organizations to talk through their family relationship issues, burn out, and even spiritual struggles. God’s servants are human beings too, when they treat themselves as superman, when the congregation and the Law tell them to behave like they are saints, stress and conflicts come along. Please feel free to reach out whenever you feel like you need a space to talk things through, so that we could walk with you and assist you to finish strong.


        您好, 我是佟月,是一名助理心理咨询师,主要为经历哀伤和失去,饮食障碍,抑郁症,关系问题,以及性创伤人群提供中英文心理咨询服务。我出生长大都在中国东北,大学毕业在大学生群体中提供情商培训和门徒训练,并在读书期间在德州北部的儿童倡导中心给受到性侵的儿童及青少年提供心理辅导,这些经历都帮助我建立了跨文化视野,也使我对于辅导儿童及年轻人群体有很大的关注和热情。我理解生长在亚洲家庭的一些挣扎和需要面对的痛苦:缺乏情感分享和表达,对于性有禁忌和羞耻的态度,甚至提到这个话题的时候都会不自觉产生很大的羞耻感和恐惧,以至于无法与人分享自己在性方面的困惑与挣扎。我的咨询理念通常是从建立信任的关系开始,使得来访人能感受到被聆听和接纳,后面再继续探索导致来访者产生现有症状的核心信念和想法,为了之后可以替换,更新,甚至是被澄清产生可以带来力量和希望的信念。我相信一小步的成长就是很大的突破,来访者本人的态度和动力决定了咨询的成败。


        我的另外一个提供心理咨询的领域是在全时间牧师,传道,以及不同机构的宣教士群体中。我希望可以通过咨询服务帮助他们面对家庭关系问题,个人精力耗尽,甚至是一些灵性的挣扎。 人们通常忽略一个事实,就是神的仆人也是人,他们或者自己把自己看做超人,或者在所服侍的群体中感受到这样的期待,长此以往会产生压力和关系的张力,也会随之而来产生很多心理状况。如果您觉得需要一个地方分享你的挣扎,欢迎联络我,我们愿意与你同行,助您走完全程。

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