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Sophia Zhu 朱瑞,  LPC-A, MA

Areas of specialty: Depression, Anxiety, Grief and loss, Stress, Trauma, Relationship issues, Attachment issues, Spiritual issues, Marriage and family counseling

pro bono or low cost

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, under the supervision of Robin Rice, M.Ed,
LPC-S, License No. 15843. I provide personal counseling as well as marriage and family
counseling in both English and Mandarin. I am experienced in helping clients strengthen self-
awareness, enhance self-esteem, understand and accept themselves, and improve relationships
with others.
After experiencing the success and failure in my past, and the gains and losses of significant ones
in my life, I followed the calling in my heart and obtained a master’s in professional counseling
at Dallas Baptist University, as well as the license. The learning process of professional
counseling and the deepening of my faith have given me a deeper understanding and acceptance of myself. The result of self-healing and self-growth has become the wealth of my life and an important source of support for my clients. I use a combination of client-centered therapy,
cognitive behavioral therapy, and Gestalt therapy to help clients explore themselves and their
relationships with others; moreover, I thrive to provide an environment where clients are fully
accepted and heard. 

In my opinion, relationships are a very important theme in life. The way a person views and
treats oneself and others will determine both the intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships,
and become the foundation of mental health. I focus on healing the injuries left through traumatic
experiences, biased or distorted perceptions, uncontrollable emotions or even emotions that come from nowhere, differences and conflicts between the partner, and conflicts with others. These experiences often leave different results known as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, and trauma, but behind each result is a unique story of life. I am grateful for the trust and
openness of each client in the counseling room, and cherish every single sharing, as well as the
insights, healing, and growth brought about by the counseling process, which have become the
motivation of my career.

目前在Robin Rice (M.Ed, LPC-S License No. 15843)的督导下执业。我综合运用以客户




Fun Facts about me: My birthday is Independence Day
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite drink: Coffee
Favorite food: Spicy Food
Favorite store: Shopping Mall
Love language: Quality Time
Hobbies: Spend time with friends

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