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Qi Ye 叶琦, master student in Theology (counseling and ministry care) 
Areas of specialty: Christian counseling, cross-cultural marriage counseling

pro bono or low cost

I am Qi Ye, born and raised in a Christian family in the southeast of China. I have been interested in psychology from an early age, aspiring to pursue inner peace and growth. It was not until I came across the description of the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit in the book of Galatians that I exclaimed, "This is the life I want!"; In the darkest and most broken moments of my life, I am grateful that there have always been people accompanying me, silently supporting me, helping me out of that predicament, and leading me towards a new beginning. Therefore, I also hope to
become such a person one day, accompanying others on their journey.

For me, counseling is a form of companionship, listening, and seeing. Counseling helps each individual see themselves, accept themselves, and renew themselves. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Theology (THM) degree at Dallas Theological Seminary, concentrating on counseling and ministry care. Specifying in areas like cross-cultural marriage (including pre-marital counseling), pastoral care counseling for church workers, experiencing grief and loss, depression, and other emotional issues. By God's grace, I hope to walk with you through this stage of life.





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